Cleantech Solutions

SwachB1 is a solution to monitor, track and prevent Unauthorized Garbage Disposal Prevention in the urban local bodies and municipalities. SwachB1 is a solution from The SAAS Group and its partners which has been inspired by the Swach Bharat Mission and this solution has been architected to implement this mission effectively and efficiently.


SwachB1 has been developed using AI, Edge Computing device & Computer Vision technologies and is currently being implemented in Corporations in southern states. SwachB1 has web and mobile interface for the Citizens, Municipal Corporation Employees, Municipal Corporation Management with workflow, SLAs and escalation for the unauthorized garbage management.


Key Benefits of SwachB1

  • Detects waste disposal in real time at site & sends only violated image to control room.
  • No manual intervention needed.
  • No need for high speed connectivity.
  • No need for real time monitoring or going through video recordings
  • Easy installation and portable system: Due to use of solar power & 4G connectivity
  • Solar Power-UPS with LiFePo4 battery having 7 years life.
  • Integrated with challan processing & fine collection software
  • Mobile App for Municipality Officials

Transport Solutions

Transport Department Process Automation and Traffic management are one of the key focus area we have. We have developed multiple solutions for the Transport Department using AI, ML, Computer Vision and other Enterprise Solutions. This includes


Traffic Violation Monitoring and Management System

The key areas addressed in this solution are 

  • City Speed Violation
  • Helmet Tracking and passenger count
  • Seatbelt Tracking
  • Vehicle Classification
  • Lane Change and directional violations
  • Smart Parking and Parking violation
  • Alteration Detection


Vehicle Road Readiness Testing and Automation System

Our solution handles the Vehicle Road Readiness Testing and Automation. The following are the key areas tested in this solution.

  • Visual test upper
  • Side slip test
  • Suspension test
  • Brake test
  • Emission test
  • Light test
  • Noise level test
  • Pit test (Visual test undercarriage)


Driver License Testing Automation
Our Solution for Driver License Testing Automation is build using our AI, Computer Vision Frameworks to offer a seamless and automated way to test the license applicants over the defined RTO test tracks.

OneID Identity Management Solutions

one id

OneID is an innovative Identity Management Solution based on Blockchain Technology by The SAAS Group. OneID has been conceived to provide the identity requirements of people and assets for different business applications. Broadly OneID platform helps an ID holder to prove her identity issued by one or many ID attribute issuers without revealing any side-information, instantly in a non-reputable way. OneID can be integrated with the existing e-Governance Applications to offer a Blockchain based Self Sovereign Identity Management Framework for these Identity Management of the Citizens and Beneficiaries.  

Health Record Management using OneID (MedOneID)

Indian Central and State Governments take the health welfare and management as one of the prime most and important activity in the governance. They are providing multiple schemes and benefits in the health care segment.  During multiple reviews and audits by the government and third party agencies, several shortcomings and issues with the Citizen Healthcare Management have been found. To address this very important governance requirement, OneID proposes a Blockchain based Health Record Management System for the Government Health Services Delivery.
All the citizens medical records, benefits eligible will be validated and stores on the HRMOne Blockchain solution. The citizen gets a self sovereign identity which needs to be used for availing any benefits or services by the government.  This will ensure there is no malpractice or wrong utilization of these services. 
Government defined clear policies on medical care and benefits. All the citizens will be provided a unique Blockchain Identity on HRMone and there will be integration with the citizens medical records and history. Whenever a citizen wants to avail any medical scheme, he can provide his HRMOne credentials, based on this the government medical personnel can check the citizens medical records, welfare schemes eligible and administer the necessary medical treatment. 
Government has a clear track and trace of the medical schemes and beneficiaries. The manipulation and malpractice will be avoided with this system. All the stakeholders have requisite information and transparency of the benefits and the process to avail them.  


With the aim of reforming Government delivery system by re-engineering the existing process in welfare schemes for simpler and faster flow of information/funds and to ensure accurate targeting of the beneficiaries, de-duplication and reduction of fraud Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) was started on 1st January, 2013. DBT Mission was created in the Planning Commission to act as the nodal point for the implementation of the DBT programmes. The Mission was transferred to the Department of Expenditure in July, 2013 and continue to function till 14.9.2015. To give more impetus, DBT Mission and matters related thereto has been placed in Cabinet Secretariat under Secretary (Co-ordination & PG) w.e.f. 14.9.2015.
Electronic transfer of funds to the beneficiaries is an important requirement of the DBT scheme. We have studied the DBT requirements and defined a framework for the DBT for various governments projects and schemes called DBTOne which enables Maximum Governance Minimum Government.
Key objectives which will be met by the DBTOne solution based on the OneID Blockchain framework.
•Shall streamline Direct Benefit Payments in the Indian States and bring in increased accuracy, transparency and efficiency in payments processing
•Provide Management Dashboards with Analytical reports to Government Key Stakeholders for better monitoring and informed decision making.
•To bring in increased access to the banking services and direct deposits for the program beneficiaries.

OneID based Migrant-Worker Identity Management (MWMOne)

MIGWMS OneID is an enterprise Identity and Employment Status Management Solution for the migrant workforce in the Indian states. It provides features to enroll, validate and track the migrant workforce which is a key requirement for the State Governments of India. It also enables State Governments to provide various labour and workforce related schemes like Education, Medical Aid, Insurance and Social Security to this migrant workforce.


Key Functionalities:

  • Enable enrolment, track and trace of the migrant workforce
  • Provide StateOneID for every migrant worker in the Indian State
  • Real time linkage and check with UIDAI (Aadhaar), Voter ID  Card, Criminal Records in phased manner as per Indian State Government Business requirements. OneID framework has capabilities to integrate with all these Government systems.
  • Allow employers to maintain their migrant workforce in MIGWMS System.
  • Periodic checks and monitoring on the location and presence of the worker at a location through the Employer interface. Manage relevant information on migrant workers and track movement.
  • Can be integrated with attendance management solutions available with the employers and enable the employers to periodically provide updates of its employees to the MIGWMS System.
  • Link to law enforcement systems for security checks on past criminal activities. This can be taken up based on Indian State Government requirements and necessary support from the government for access to this systems.
  • Issue State Migrant Worker IDs to efficient and effective management and tracking of this large workforce and population.
  • Integrate with health screening and medical schemes offered by Indian State Government and Indian Central Government. Helps to identity, isolate, administer and prevent spread of any health infections and epidemics.
  • Link State Government, Migrant Workers, District Administration, Law Enforcement Agencies, Medical Department, Education Department, Employers and Agents through a truly connected and efficient solution.