Partners: Collaborate to build successful solutions…

The SAAS Group develops IP and Technology Solutions and we believe developing and implementing high technology solutions is a collaboration process. We have our strength in developing high technology IP and we have collaborated with our partners for offering comprehensive solutions. Together we can… 

trois infotech
Trois Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

A fast growing System Integrator and Technology Service Provider working on eGovernance, Transport, Surveillance and Telecom domain. The SAAS Group is developing the IP and Technology which will be integrated and implemented by Trois.

Presadio Technology Pvt. Ltd.

We implement solutions for the Motor Vehicle Department in partnership with Presadio. Presadio is a global player implementing solutions in the areas of Vehicle Inspection Automation and Driver Testing Automation and has successfully implemented Vehicle Inspection Automation in Oman and Pilot Projects in the state of Kerala. The SAAS Group has developed some critical Technology Solutions for Presadio in this domain and these are being currently implemented on Pilot Projects.